1. Business-to-Business unfair trading practices Independent Retail Europe members are the final link in the supply chain to consumers and will be affected by the policy outcomes of discussions related to supply chain behaviour.
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  2. Official Controls of Food and Feed As fees (potentially to be paid by supply chain operators) can be significant for groups of independent retailers, Independent Retail Europe advocates that Member States should adopt fee systems that are fair and affordable.
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  3. Horizontal and vertical operational flexibilty Certain types of agreements are indispensible to the functioning of groups of independent retailers. They have many pro-competitive effects, undoubtedly benefitting consumers.
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  4. Product Safety Members of Independent Retail Europe are deeply committed to ensuring that only safe products are on the market. This is essential for their relationships with customers and their reputation.
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  5. European Retail Action Plan In its European Retail Action Plan, the European Commission acknowledges the importance of groups of independent retailers in the EU retail market.
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  • Press release: SCI One Year on: Keeping the Momentum

    On 20 January, the Supply Chain Initiative (SCI) published its first Annual Report on the occasion of a conference held at the European Parliament.


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  • Local Heroes in New York - event with DER MITTELSTANDSVERBUND

    From 22 - 26 March 2015, the Retail Roadshow 2015 "Local Heroes in New York" is organised in cooperation with DER MITTELSTANDSVERBUND - ZGV. Participants will learn about the newest store concepts, trends and technologies in the retail sector. It is a German speaking event. More information can be found here.

Did you know?

  • Did you know that Independent Retail Europe members directly employ nearly 5 million people?

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